Tucker Adams has spent his entire life living in the moment, so there is no one better to help you capture 'the moment.' Tucker is a photographer, but better yet a story teller. He captures the moment without compromising the authenticity of the occasion. 

Tucker was born and raised in Western North Carolina, in a family of four kids. In the delivery room his twin sister came first, first by four hours and when he was born the doctor told my dad he was "tuckered out" and the idea for his name was decided. Tucker earned a bachelors degree from Appalachian State University in 2013 before packing his truck and and driving to Truckee, CA where he still calls home. He loves holidays, celebrations, coffee, bluegrass, traveling, and family. 

Tucker loves people and prides himself on his ability to insert himself seamlessly into any occasion. He looks forward to celebrating good times with you as your photographer, but most importantly, your story teller.